5 Healthy Additions to Your Morning Yogurt

1/Pomegranates my number one favorite with my morning yogurt/kefir; Full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. Containing vitamins C, and some B's as well as iron, potassium and calcium. 2/Kiwi fruit; Packed with more vitamin C than an orange! research has shown eating Kiwi first thing in the morning improves digestion and bowel transit time and last thing at night to improve sleep! 3/Pumpkin seeds; containing zinc, vitamin E, magnesium, manganese and copper. 4/Sunflower

Healthy Eating: An Apple a Day Goes a Long Way

Research has shown that the polyphenols in apples can increase the good bacteria specifically the Bifidobacteria in our gut. This in turn helps us convert these fantastic polyphenols to phytonutrients that give us the wonderful benefits like stabilising blood sugar and lowering cholesterol. As well as containing vitamin C and fibre. So an apple a day really can keep the doctor away! #Apples #HealthyEating