Sarah Williams

I am a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist and passionate about the power of healing through nutrition. I have been a registered Children's Nurse for 25 years, dedicated to caring for children and their families holistically. I completed my training with the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) in 2014 and saw gaps in the traditional medical approach. With the increase of chronic disease, we need to take a deeper, more individualised approach to health and healing. We are all unique beings with our own genetic makeup and microbiome which influences how we process food. There is no one diet fits all. Using the ethos of functional medicine, my aim is to work with you and provide you with a realistic nutrition plan, unique to your needs to empower you on your path to improved health and wellbeing.



Initial Nutritional Therapy Consultation

1 hour 15 mins - £80

In preparation for your first consultation I will send you a questionnaire which includes a 3 day food diary for you to complete and send back 48 hours before we meet. Consultations are completely confidential in a supportive environment and if preferred can be via skype or zoom. We will look at your medical history, current symptoms, any current medications and supplements and together look at your goals to set a realistic nutrition plan which may involve recommendations for further testing and supplements. 

Follow up Nutritional Therapy Consultation

45 mins - £50

Follow ups are generally 4-6 weeks following first consultation to monitor your progress and make adjustments to keep you on track and empower you on your path to wellbeing. 

Health Shake


14 day Liver cleanse

Offered as an individual programme or as part of a group, includes MSQ prior to detox, webinar, recipe planner, shopping list, high quality liver supplement to support cleanse and nutrition support throughout. I run programmes throughout the year with groups to support each other and as a package with experienced yoga instructors to include specific yoga practice and meditation to enhance the benefits of detoxification.


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